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Website Translation

A translated website is vital to the success of an international company. ENLASO recognizes the importance of marketing your products and services over the Internet, so we have put together an international group of experts: web designers, engineers, and linguistic professionals including specialized translators and copywriters. Our customers also rely on us to review their English website content for cultural appropriateness, especially for marketing-heavy language. 

Website localization begins with a well-designed English site. While you may not have the resources to translate every single page on your current site, you may first want to consider how to best break out your site into smaller sections, or perhaps even micro-sites. You'll want to look at any customer input forms, blogs, etc. to determine how those are best handled. Issues relating to display on mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, should also be addressed. Your ENLASO team can help direct you to ensure you find the most cost-effective solution. 

Once the scope is clear, ENLASO engineers handle virtually any file format to extract content for translation, and after translation, deliver back perfectly localized files which will seamlessly integrate into your web environment. ENLASO linguists then review the final translated site for in-context accuracy, text flow, and text encoding issues. 

ENLASO recommends that you always have translated content reviewed by subject matter experts—either by your in-house specialists, or via third party. Check out In-Country Reviews for more information! 






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