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Software Localization and Testing

Software Localization

With ISO 9001:2008 certified software localization methodologies, ENLASO assigns localization engineering consultants at the get go, to create a solution based on your needs that will improve quality while reducing project costs and time to market. Our production facilities, technical translation teams, engineering department, and tools and technology department all work together to provide a single-source solution for your localization needs. ENLASO engineers use proprietary and commercial language technologies for localizing software in all environments and formats, including scripts and technologies to extract and replace content for translation.

ENLASO's enterprise language solutions for software localization include engineering, functional and linguistic testing for software, online help, multimedia, websites, and server and client-side applications. Further, ENLASO provides software localization for technology ranging from medical devices, telecommunications products, and OEM devices, to tablet, eReader, gaming, and mobile app platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Mobile applications challenge linguists with the complexities of user interface (UI) display limitations, such as line and word-wrapping, text truncation, and the use of international icons. ENLASO’s linguistic experts provide the language specialization of a native technical writer who can rephrase and sculpt the text for user-friendly mobile device translations. 

ENLASO is also the founding developer of the Okapi Framework that integrates many translation tools in an open source forum. 


Testing is a critical part of any localization process, and it becomes more complicated when wireless applications involve myriad combinations of hardware and testing scenarios. Like wired technologies, mobile technologies require extensive quality assurance testing both functionally and linguistically. ENLASO will ensure the quality of your localized wireless technology with a team of experienced QA professionals. Once ENLASO has successfully translated and localized the text and graphic files, our production team and linguists review the localized content in context to ensure accuracy and integrity. 

Functionality Testing

Functional testing is performed by professional testing engineers to ensure that the functionality of the localized user interface of the software or web application, in the target operating systems and user environments, compares to the source user interface. Functional testing includes identifying common issues such as:

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