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Examinations is a fascinating and growing marketplace which, while it covers many different types of industries, has shared localization challenges across all. Over the years, ENLASO has provided accurate and affordable support to many customers in this arena, and guarantees absolute confidentiality and security. We have learned that first and foremost on our examination customers' minds are confidentiality and security. For instance, if your company develops highly specialized exams for certification in a technical industry, you need to be confident that none of your questions or answers is leaked to the public in advance, or that the content is in any way compromised. Translators are carefully screened and monitored. Any content that needs to be transferred is heavily encrypted. Each customer has additional security protocols that must be followed to the letter. And everyone—everyone—signs a legally-binding non-disclosure agreement. 

Once the examinations have been administered to the end users, ENLASO again steps in to translate any essay questions back into English. As the content of these essays often will be the crucial determining factor in whether the candidate passes or fails, our linguistic experts take particular care to deliver accurate translations.  

For more information on Localization Best Practices, see our White Paper on Taking Your Certification Examination Process to a Global Audience.

Check out ENLASO's Language Services for related information on available languages, document and software localization, technical writing, and more!



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