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Technical Writing and Editing

Clearly written technical content that is concise, consistent, and styled to reach globally diverse audiences creates the most cost-effective, high-quality localized content. Simple word use and easy-to-read sentences positively impact translation quality and word counts. Coherent structure and consistent styles enhance user understanding, make searching for information easier, and maximize the potential for content reuse.

ENLASO helps you optimize technical content for clarity, simplicity, and ease of translation. Our team of writers and editors solve problems by developing technical content suitable for the localization process.

We offer the following services:

Writing and Editing Technical Documentation with a L10N Mindset

ENLASO helps build quality documentation. When resources are not available within your organization to complete writing projects, ENLASO can help you develop your user documentation, online help, marketing collateral, e-learning, or other materials.

Our writers and editors create global-ready content with these best practices in mind:

Using ENLASO for technical writing and editing includes these advantages:

Creating Simple Content

ENLASO simplifies technical content for a global audience by using basic language. Consistency and control of vocabulary, terminology, and styles are fundamental to good quality.

Improve quality and lower costs in these ways with simplified content:

Improving Layout and Design

ENLASO understands the document structures and designs that create cost benefits.

Use these and other document features for low-cost localization:

Single-Sourcing Solutions

Many companies are moving toward single-source content solutions (single sourcing) as they expand into the global market. The fundamental principle of single sourcing is to “write once, publish in many outputs.” Single sourcing allows an economy of scale, both with rapidly changing technologies for multi-channel publishing and the additional requirements of multi-language product localization. Companies that successfully internationalize source content and transition to a single-source solution, such as structured authoring and a component-based content management system (CMS), enjoy strategic advantages over their competitors in the global market.

ENLASO’s experienced writers and editors know many types of authoring tools and environments and can help you create well-developed internationalized content in a single sourcing system.

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