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Marketing Consulting

ENLASO localizes all materials used to communicate the image and advertising objectives of your company in your target markets. We recognize that word-for-word conversions are not sufficient when translating your products for international markets. Creative writing and cultural analysis are often needed to make your message effective in global markets. Through careful analysis, our marketing language professionals will ensure that your company's image is consistent and effective worldwide.

The first step is to analyze the English content for colloquialisms, slang, play on words, etc. which may not easily translate into other languages. For instance, one customer spent expensive resources to come up with a very successful campaign within the US, based on a popular children's rhyme. The result was a catchy tagline with advertisments written in similar rhyming language. When faced with a corporate push to reach non-English markets, none of the original message was effective in other languages. The research and innovation that was put into the campaign had to be completely over-hauled, with an international market in mind. 

ENLASO combines creative linguistic skills with market research to help our customers effectively communciate their branding in other cultures—whether to non-English speakers in the US, or globally. Linguists specialized in marketing translations will transcreate content to ensure campaigns never sound translated, but speak directly to the consumer in their own language. ENLASO's tools and scalable team ensure that this branding then transcends into all other areas of the corporate culture for successful branding and consistency. 





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