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Documentation Optimization

Your company may have thousands of pages of documentation, created over the span of decades, authored in a myriad of tools. Now that you are faced with the global community—how do you best allocate your resources to translate your documentation meeting all the language requirements? 

Consider optimizing your English documentation first. For instance, if you can reduce your word count by 30%—this immediately will result in savings when multiplied by several languages. Further, can you combine various formats into one all-encompassing tool, which can output your content to all your stakeholders in PDF, HTML, XML, etc.?  Are graphics and multimedia well suited for translation?  

ENLASO can help analyze your source content prior to localization to ensure you use your resources in the most cost-effective ways. While optimizing your English content may take a little more time and effort up-front, the savings may multiply exponentially as you add additional languages. 

To review a case study that outlines two sample customers' transition from traditional desktop publishing tools to HTML click here.

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