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With a language services history going back decades, ENLASO provides enterprise language solutions including translation service, localization strategy, and language translation services to customers worldwide. Establishing quality language processes and standards throughout your entire global enterprise, ENLASO’s core multilingual solutions include: Technical Documentation Localization, Website Localization, Software Localization, Multicultural Marketing, Multimedia Localization, Localization Testing, Consulting and Training, and Language Technology Engineering.

Our ongoing ISO 9001:2008 certification affirms that our translation and localization services meet internationally recognized standards at every organizational level, including a rigorous linguist selection process and customer-focused account management methodology. We are fully committed to the needs of our customers and you can be certain that our experience dealing with languages and international customs match your company's international marketing goals. Our project managers work closely with you to ensure that your language project is a success, from the quality of the content to the look and feel of the final product.

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The ENLASO blog publishes company news as well as best practices and events relevant to the localization industry.

2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey

ENLASO® meets or exceeds customer expectations. 100% of customers who responded to the survey agree that ENLASO: Should be recommended to other companies Meets or exceeds our customers’ quality expectations Is committed to meeting project milestones and delivery dates Has effective problem solving skills Offers effective solutions to project requests and issue resolutions Offers effective […]

Building Successful Surveys: Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when developing your survey and engaging a language services partner. Get It Right The First Time Building a survey is a lot of work, especially at the beginning when you are developing the survey content. Questions need to be very clear—there is no room for ambiguity. […]

2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey

ENLASO® meets or exceeds clients overall expectations. 100% of customers who responded to the survey agree that ENLASO: Meets or exceeds our customers’ quality expectations. Responds to requests for information in a timely manner. Should be recommended to other companies. ENLASO® focuses on providing an excellent customer experience. To ensure we meet or exceed our […]



ENLASO has become one of the most trusted and respected solution providers in the globalization, localization and translation industry. ENLASO is led by President and COO John Watkins and Vice President, Sales and Marketing and CSO Yves Lang. John and Yves bring over 40 years of localization industry experience to the table and ensure that customers receive consistent, high-quality localization services.


COO / President

John Watkins has an extensive background in product engineering and localization, having worked in international business for over 25 years. Before leading ENLASO, he spent over 15 years consulting with companies and government agencies in the US and Europe, helping them with operations research and data analysis, system development, business process engineering, international standards, and business administration. For 10 of those years, he worked with the European Commission in France, his home away from home. John also helps bring localization standards out of the background through sponsorships with open standards and open source solutions and direct support of the GALA Standards Initiative.

CSO / Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Yves Lang, a 20 year veteran of the translation and localization industry, began his career as a translator, worked extensively with project management groups, and spearheaded the concepts of account management and total customer satisfaction as applied to the localization industry. His familiarity with different cultures and languages gives him a unique position in the translation and localization industry. Yves is a sought-after speaker and frequent presenter of educational webinars. At ENLASO, he leads the Sales & Marketing teams, promotes enterprise solution selling, and manages many of the company’s largest accounts. He also works very closely with Production to guarantee a high level of quality and customer service.

VP of Operations

Yusuke Kirimoto is a recognized localization authority with over a decade of experience in translation, desktop publishing, engineering, and project management. He was raised and educated in Japan and the US, and is completely bi-lingual in Japanese and English. Yusuke began his career in localization as a professional Japanese linguist and joined ENLASO in 2000 as a localization engineer. Since 2004, Yusuke has served as the Operations Manager and provided his guidance to all production departments at ENLASO, enabling them to support global clients to migrate from traditional business environments to localization-ready systems with improved processes. A decade later, Yusuke now serves as the Vice President of Operations, ensuring that ENLASO is well positioned in a rapidly evolving and competitive business environment.

Localization Solutions Architect

Author of the book XML Internationalization and Localization, Yves Savourel has been in the localization industry for more than 25 years. While providing internationalization consulting, his main focus has always been on developing tools and solutions for localization processes, often including XML aspects. Yves has been closely involved in the creation of XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format), TMX (the Translation Memory eXchange format), SRX (Segmentation Rules eXchange), and other standardization efforts. More recently, Yves has chaired the Internationalization Tag Set working group at the W3C. He is also a programmer and participates actively in different open-source projects related to localization, such as the Okapi Framework.

Project Management Supervisor

Noriko Mori has worked with ENLASO in numerous capacities since 1997. Having served as a desktop publisher, and eventually, a media services manager both in the United States and in Japan, Noriko returned to the United States to establish a formal format proofing team in the Media Services Department. With her diverse background in production, she made an easy transition as a full-time project manager in 2009, and was recently selected to supervise the team.

Project Services Manager

Ben Mann is an experienced publishing supervisor with a keen eye for design and detail. His proficiency in a wide range of publishing software allows him to automate procedures as well as to troubleshoot the frequent issues that arise in localization publishing. Ben’s strong analytical skills and the ability to see the “big picture” enables him and his team of highly skilled publishers to not only meet tight deadlines, but also to produce the highest quality work.


Business Development Manager

Ben Schultz has over 15 years of experience in the localization industry, having started his career in localization in 1996 after earning his Master’s Degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.
While living in the Bay Area, Ben specialized in providing on‑site Localization Project Management for numerous clients, who at the time were just beginning to develop their localization and internationalization strategies.
After moving to Colorado in 1999, he continued to work in localization project and account management, as well as spending time working in HR Strategic Planning for Level (3) Communications and Process Engineering as an independent business consultant.
Having consulted for years on a part-time basis, Ben joined ENLASO full-time in 2012 as a Business Development Manager.

Business Development Manager

Cyrus DeSantis is a Business Development Manager with over 15 years of experience in the localization industry. He has a breadth of experience in all aspects of sales & marketing, and excels at making connections with customers. He graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in German, and is conversant in Spanish and a little Norwegian. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, volunteer work and challenging himself to learn new things.

Senior Account Manager

Anja Snowden, a native of Germany, possesses a strong background in international business, experience with different cultures, and is familiar with several languages. As an Account Manager, she brings this wealth of experience to further consult with our clients in meeting their quality, timeline, and budget goals in localization.
Anja joined the localization industry in 2003 as a Project Manager, and has since handled many large-scale software, website, and documentation localization projects for a wide variety of clients and industries. For many years, she also managed the talented team of localization project managers at ENLASO.

Senior Account Manager

David Dunn has 19 years experience in the localization industry, in both the United States and the Czech Republic. He has worked as both a Project Manager and a Senior Account Manager, and has supported many high-profile clients.

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